Silver Liberation Army

ZIRP-in' USA            

If every banker had a notion
Like Ben Bernank-i-a
Then every country'd be ZIRP-in'
Just like the USA

All over the Euro
And down by Asia way
Every banker is ZIRP-in'
The London Whale really knocked us out
He left the Street behind
And Jamie Dimon
Is selling silver

Cause Blythe
Is - always - on - his - mind
Take me to your gold vaults
Way down south

he stole my daddy's farm
Benny Benny print faster faster
Timmy Timmy print faster faster

QE1, it's ok
QE2, it's alright
QE3, that's Ok
Qe4, Hey That Ok???

inspired by...  -  the king (and queen) of them all, y'all  -  strikin' back with art  -  behave yourself, this is a classy joint